How to Buy Shares Through the RoboMarkets Platform

Buying shares of any publicly-traded company has never been so easy, until now. 

With the RoboMarkets brokerage platform, investors are able to trade thousands of financial assets using our multi-platform services such as R StocksTrader, MetaTrader 4, and MetaTrader 5. 

To purchase a share of any publicly-listed company, the process is simple: Open a RoboMarkets account, deposit the $100 USD minimum, and begin searching for shares of the company you want to invest in. 

You can purchase shares through our various platforms as mentioned, widening the optionality and potential. Although, R StockTrader is more suited for beginner investors and traders who have just begun investing or trading. 

The RoboMarkets platform accelerates the pace at which investors learn because of our advanced analytical tools and features built into the software. This gives traders and investors the ability to trade global markets, build algorithmic strategies, and have in-depth market knowledge, enhancing the experience substantially. 

Finding a Stock 

Now that you are familiar with the software, the next step is finding a suitable company to invest in. This is often a giant leap for most as it can be daunting. Although, it’s much easier than you may think. 

Here are some good fundamentals investors should look for in a stock: 

  • Low P/E (10-30): Will vary depending on the industry and sector, such as technology. 
  • Low P/S (1-5): Also may vary based on industry and sector. 
  • Research the business, how it operates, produces a profit for shareholders, and more. 
  • Check for consistently growing revenues and earnings every quarter. 
  • Check the total addressable market (TAM) since there could be more growth ahead. 
  • Shares Outstanding should be stable or heading downwards over time. 
  • Compare the company to other industry competitors. (Example: Visa and Mastercard)

There are many strategies and practices to learn throughout investing and trading over time. It is easier to begin through one of the multiple trading platforms that we offer.  

We hope this helped begin your investing or trading journey with confidence. 

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